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Le bois basalte in a few words

The genesis of Bois Basalte
“The Bois Basalte” emerges from an encounter between an exceptional site, surrounded by the Chaîne des Puys and Combrailles countryside, with four young architects – Julien, Lise, Mathilde and Sébastien. Guided by a desire to return “home” after several years of roaming, it is with billhooks, saws, and hammers in our hands and smiles on our faces, that we have thus started on a “Robinson Crusoe” style adventure in this new world that is Auvergne. We want to build cabins! Invest in a little piece of nature, perched at 900m above sea-level! Share the fruits of our labor with people eager for calm, warmth, and simple pleasures! And introduce our beautiful Auvergne to you.

A few words about the architecture
With a childlike spirit we have designed and constructed the cabins of Bois Basalte. Our main intention is to offer spaces that are both playful and original. And as this natural playground is so dear to us, we set out to build in a manner that would cause the least amount of impact possible. The cabins are part of the landscape. Wood predominates: it is present as much as a bio-sourced construction material (locally managed operation), as it is a renewable energy source, and an essential component of the landscape.

Wood and Basalt
As you can see, the word “wood” refers to both the construction material and the wooded environment of the land we hold with such fondness. Basalt recalls our history and heritage in Auvergne. This volcanic rock is an emblem of the Chaîne des Puys and its 80 volcanoes soon to be classified as world heritage sites by UNESCO. It is also highly representative of this touristic hamlet which will be located on the former site of the basalt quarry of La Roche Sauterre.

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